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Our products are inherent in most of the industries that use vacuum. We focus on selling solutions rather just selling a product.

Chemical Process Industry

Vacuum in chemical processing industry play a vital role and is seen in variety of applications. Most commonly seen usage of vacuum is in distillation and drying applications. With the FDA norms coming in, technology is now shifting from the legacy based liquid ring vacuum pumps to dry type vacuum pumps

Industrial/General Vacuum

Vacuum usage in industrial applications is vast and can be seen in key areas of manufacturing and industrial processes. Some of them play a smaller role whereas a few of them are a major part in the end product processing.

Electrical and Power

Applications of vacuum in Electrical and Power are limited to degassing, impregnation and filtration type of applications. Our pumps are running in major areas of this industry.

Research and Development

HHV Pumps has been in existence for over ten years as a major part of Research and Development in all premier research institutes across the country. We have our pumps and systems functioning at various levels starting from small labs at colleges to all major Government research units.


Photovoltaic industry is currently growing in our country and our products are tested in challenging applications. Our pumps are functioning at coating, deposition and lamination applications.

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