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Vacuum usage in industrial applications is vast and can be seen in key areas of major manufacturing and industrial processes. Some of them play a smaller role whereas a few of them are a major part in the end product processing. Our pumps are functioning at various applications.

Our pumps are an integral part of the following applications under industrial vacuum:

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

    Vacuum helps in removing the moisture in the copper coil tubes before filling in the refrigerant. Lesser the moisture, longer is the life of the air conditioner or refrigerator.

  • Coating and Deposition

    Coating/Deposition done under vacuum helps in creating a smoother surface finish, enhanced quality of the coated layer and a stronger bonding between the base material and the coated layer.

    Coating/Deposition is usually done on base material under vacuum to make it anti-reflective, polarised, metal hardened etc.

  • Cryogenics

    Cryogenic tanks will have an annular space between the outer and inner shells. Removal of moisture from the annular space using vacuum help increase the insulation property of the tank. Lesser the moisture better will be the insulation from external atmosphere thereby making the material safer to store/transport.

  • Extruder

    Extrusion is a process of formation of material by applying pressure and making it pass through different shaped apertures. Extrusion under vacuum helps in removal of trapped air molecules in the base material making it stronger and efficient end product.

  • Leak Detection

    Detecting leaks in weldments by passing Helium gas under vacuum is the most efficient and accurate ways of checking leaks. Vacuum helps in generating required pressure and spot the focal point of leak.

  • Pick and Place

    Vacuum applied on the suction cups to hold, lift and move the material from one place to another. It is commonly seen in automotive manufacturing plants to move the windshields, packaging industry to move carton boxes, lifting granites etc. Any two dimensional objects can be lifted with the help of vacuum through suction cups. Normal practise is to fit them on gantry robots or a robotic arm.

  • Resin Infusion

    Resin is infused into the substrate by applying vacuum from the opposite side or by creating a pressure difference. Wind turbine blades are infused with resin under vacuum, windshield is infused with a resin to make it shatterproof.

  • Vacuum Furnace

    Applying vacuum in a furnace ensures uniform heating of the substrate material. It helps reduce oxidation and reduces the heating duration

  • Wood Working

    Vacuum helps to hold down the wood while the computer programmed router/tool does the engraving, cutting or carving process on the wood.

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