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Applications of vacuum in Electrical and Power are limited to degassing, impregnation and filtration type of applications. Our pumps are running in major areas of this industry.

  • Transformer, Capacitor & Motor coil

    Insulation Vacuum Drying

    Vacuum helps in drying the insulate material used in transformers and capacitors. Generally kraft paper will have moisture which needs to be removed under vacuum. Lesser the moisture in the paper longer will be the life of the transformer.

    Vapour Phase Drying

    This process is similar to insulation vacuum drying but it is only done in phases by applying hot vapour in addition to vacuum

    Vacuum Impregnation

    Impregnation under vacuum is a process of removing moisture from the substrate.

    Oil Degassing and Filtration

    Use of vacuum to remove trapped moisture and dissolved gases in the oil.

  • Degassing of Circuit Breaker & Switch Gear

    Vacuum helps in removing trapped atmospheric air from the component before charging insulator gas. It helps avoid spark quenching.

  • Degassing of Light Bulbs

    Vacuum helps in removing the moisture before filling Halogen, Sodium Vapour or Mercury Vapour.

  • Steam Turbine

    Steam turbines are tested at factory for few hours to check the quality of the turbine. When the turbines are run at RPM, atmosphere air will create friction within the blades. It generates unbearable heat which may cause harm to the surrounding atmosphere or even cause expansion of blade material. Vacuum helps to isolate the system from atmosphere thereby making the testing process more efficient and safe.

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